Canal Boat Hire with Lake Star

Boating and cruising canal holidays Galway, in Ireland

Lake Star : until 6 persons
 Benefiting from a good sized saloon, this boat is great for socialising.
Price of rental for 1 week
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    9,8m x 3,7m
  • 2
  • 2


- One rear cabin with double bed
- One forward cabin with double bed
- Spacious central saloon with one settee’s, converting into a double bed, and steering position
- Two steering positions, one inside and one outside
- Rear sundeck with steering position and access to the saloon
- Two showers, two toilets and washbasin


  • Week-End
    boarding : Friday 4PM
    landing : Monday 9AM
  • Mini-Week
    boarding : Monday 4PM
    landing : Friday 9AM
  • Week
    boarding : Monday 4PM, Friday 4PM, Saturday 4PM
    landing : Monday 9AM, Friday 9AM, Saturday 9AM


    • A fully equipped galley
    • A set of linen for all beds per week
    • Boat driving demonstration
    • Technical support 7 days a week


    • Travel to and from the departure base
    • Fuel and oil between 6.13 and 15 euros per hour. Fuel charges are calculated on a per hour or per litre basis in Ireland, England and Scotland.
    depending on your cruising region. Fuel charges incurred will be advised by your base at the end of your holiday. Fuel prices are correct at the time of going to print and are subject to change. Before departing on board your cruiser, you will be required to leave a security deposit of €250 (£200) for one week, €350 (£290) for two weeks and €150 (£125) for the short breaks towards the cost of the following incidentals : fuel charges;
    cleaning charges (see return of the boat in terms and conditions), grounding fee (charged if you ground your boat and
    assistance is required), bicycle damage or loss.
    • Damage waiver for the boat (from 2250 euros to 3250 euros) or a non refundable damage waiver (from 18€/day to 37€/day depending on the boat) + a reduced deposit (from 300€ to 1000€ depending the boat)
    model and the duration of the cruise)
    • Any optional extras
    • Personal holiday insurance
    • Cancellation guarantee
    • One way supplement : from 75 to 250¤
    • Italy mooring fees/boat (Venetian Lagoon only) : 80 euros/week - 50¤/short break
    • Canada mooring fees/boat: 80¤/week - 50¤/short break
    Scotland mooring/boat: 11.50¤/day - 81¤/week


    • Waterways guide for France only: €27 (to be booked early in order to receive it before departure). Available only for the France Waterways, in French-English and German.
    • Cancellation plan : 4,5% of the boat hiring price
    • Standard bike : €49/week (7/day) or 56 euros/week on the spot (no available in Scotland)
    Child bicycle: 35 euros/week (5 euros/day) or 42 euros/week on the spot (no available in Scotland)
    Bike child seat: 14 euros/week -2 euros/day) or 17.50¤/week on the spot
    Cleaning service: 80 euros-150 euros according to the boat
    • Car transfer : from 125 euros to 480 euros (Car transferred from start base to end base for one way cruises only. In Germany, we are not able to transfer your car from your start base to the end base. However, up to 4 passengers can be transferred by taxi for the cost of the car transfer)
    • • Airport transfer : price on request (transfers in Ireland are payable in advance only)
    • Secure car park : 42 euros/week (6 euros/day) or 49¤/week on the spot (available in selected locations only)
    Non secure car park: 28 euros/week
    • Garage : 56 euros/week (8 euros/day) or 63 euros/week on the spot(available in selected locations only)
    • Pet supplement : 50 euros/week (2 pets maximum per boat)
    • Priority Check-in : €90 (boat available between 11:00am and 12:00am or at 2:00pm, subject to operational constraints instead of between 4:00 and 6:00 pm). Not possible with the Vision boats.
    • Late Check-Out : €90 (boat to be returned between 11:00am and 12:00am on the final day, subject to operational constraints, instead of 9:00 am). Not possible for the Vision boats.
    • Sundowner pack: €40 (€ in Ireland) prices shown are correct at time of printing and may change
    • Starter pack: €60 (€75 in Ireland) prices shown are correct at time of printing and may change
    • Parasol : deposit of €25 (£20)
    • Eco-pack: 12 euros (environmentally friendly cleaning materiales & toiletries)
    • Barbecue: €49 euros/week (supplied with 2 gas bottles) ; 7 euros/day or 56 euros/week on the spot (€100 refundable deposit)
    • Outdoor lantern: €14 euros/week ; €2 euros/day or 17.50 euros/week on the spot
    • Comfort cushions : €7 euros for 2 cushions or 8.75 euros on the spot
    • Wifi in France only: 56 euros/week; €8 euros/day or 63 euros/week on the spot (refundable deposit: €50 euros)
    Wifi in Italy only: 59.50 euros/week, 8.50 euros/day or 63 euros/week on the spot
    •Grocery Pack-Sundowner: 40 euros
    •Grocery Pack-Starter Pack: 60 euros
    Special occasion welcome pack: 70 euros
    •Green ecological cleaning pack: €12 euros
    • Angling Dinghy: 70 euros (Available in Ireland, Germany, Holland and France (Douelle, Jarnac, Branges)
    Outboard Motor: 70 euros
    •Stand Up Paddle: 91 euros


    All our boats are fully covered for damage and damage to other property or vessels for claims over from 2000 to 3250 euros. All our boats are covered fully for third party liability.
    Option 1 – The refundable damage deposit
    On arrival at the base, you leave a refundable deposit of from 2250 to 3250 euros which will only be exercised if the boat or any of its equipment / inventory is returned damaged or lost, or in the case of any accidental damage to third parties. This will not be the case if there is evidence of gross neglect, which is excluded from our cover under our insurance policy.
    Option 2 – The non-refundable damage waiver + reduced deposit -250€-1000€
    A charge of between 18€ to 37€/day can be paid at the time of booking. With this option you will be fully covered if the boat or any of its equipment / inventory is returned damaged or lost, as well as if there is any accidental damage to third parties. This will not be the case if there is evidence of gross neglect, which is excluded from our cover under our insurance policy.
    * In certain instances we may insist on a deposit rather than the waiver


4+ 2
Height Boat
9,8m x 3,7m
Height Min/Max
2,38 m
Height Cabine
Height Saloon
Engine Type
Moteur diesel
Upper deck
Bow thruster
Height Min/Max
2,38 m
land electricity supply
front Sundeck
Forward Sundeck
coating type
fixed double beds
single bed
double bed convertible into a single bed
sleeping child
couchette transformable
forward cabin
central cabin
aft cabin
lounge convertible
Cabin Air Cooling
Air freshener
Electrical Voltage
Radio / CD
Micro Wave
Water Capacity
Fuel Capacity
Fridge Type
Various equipment available for this boat can vary base of departure.



10% Group Booking Discount :
Book two boats or more departing from the same base on the same date and enjoy 10% off.
Extended holidays
For all cruises of 14 nights or more, get 10% discount off second and subsequent.
5% Family Discount :
For at least one child -16 years on board valid until 31/12/2017

Discounts combinable up to 15%. All boats excluding Horizon range


Table for region : Galway, Leitrim,
Periode 2018Price for Week
S11 from 17/3 to 23/3
760 Euros
S12 from 24/3 to 30/3
800 Euros
S13 from 31/3 to 6/4
830 Euros
S14 from 7/4 to 13/4
810 Euros
S15 from 14/4 to 20/4
885 Euros
S16 from 21/4 to 27/4
1,000 Euros
S17 from 28/4 to 4/5
1,205 Euros
S18 from 5/5 to 11/5
1,285 Euros
S19 from 12/5 to 18/5
1,410 Euros
S20 from 19/5 to 25/5
1,665 Euros
S21 from 26/5 to 1/6
1,560 Euros
S22 from 2/6 to 8/6
1,630 Euros
S23 from 9/6 to 15/6
1,620 Euros
S24 from 16/6 to 22/6
1,650 Euros
S25 from 23/6 to 29/6
1,655 Euros
S26 from 30/6 to 6/7
1,635 Euros
S27 from 7/7 to 13/7
1,685 Euros
S28 from 14/7 to 20/7
1,775 Euros
S29 from 21/7 to 27/7
1,800 Euros
S30 from 28/7 to 3/8
1,820 Euros
S31 from 4/8 to 10/8
1,725 Euros
S32 from 11/8 to 17/8
1,565 Euros
S33 from 18/8 to 24/8
1,485 Euros
S34 from 25/8 to 31/8
1,300 Euros
S35 from 1/9 to 7/9
1,290 Euros
S36 from 8/9 to 14/9
1,060 Euros
S37 from 15/9 to 21/9
1,045 Euros
S38 from 22/9 to 28/9
825 Euros
S39 from 29/9 to 5/10
825 Euros
S40 from 6/10 to 12/10
825 Euros
S41 from 13/10 to 19/10
825 Euros
S42 from 20/10 to 26/10
825 Euros
Prices 2018.
If the cruise is on two periods, the calculation will be pro rata of the day in each period.