Canal Boat Hire with Nicols Primo

Boating and cruising canal holidays Burgundy-Nivernais, in France

Nicols Primo : until 4 persons
 2 adults or 2 adults with 1 or 2 children
Price of rental for 1 week
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    7,95m x 3,40m
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This boat is part of the range Sedan. This range is distinguished by its superb living room with panoramic view, which includes a large sliding door to the rear giving access to walk-in to a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy lunch in the sun ...
All the crew communicates in a welcoming space!
Small boat simple and elegant at the same time, ideal for a couple, perfect boat for a cheap cruise .
1 cabin:
1 cabin with double bed + convertible saloon 2 pers.
1 bathroom / WC
Living room 7 m2: 130 l Fridge + freezer
2 burner / oven
Radio / CD MP3.


  • Week-End
    boarding : Friday 4PM
    landing : Monday 9AM or Sunday 5PM
  • Mini-Week
    boarding : Monday 2PM
    landing : Friday 9AM
  • Week
    boarding : Monday 4PM, Friday 4PM, Saturday 4PM
    landing : Monday 9AM, Friday 9AM, Saturday 9AM


    • Boat hire,
    • Boat equipment, crockery and linen for bed (sheets and duvets)
    • Boat insurance
    • Navigation Instruction
    • Technical help : available 7 days a week
    • The navigation toll due to the authorities in France. In other countries, money was provided for locks and bridges


    • Fuel, gas and other consumables will be charged to the hirer at the relevant hourly rate,
    • Personal Insurance
    • Fee for a cruise on the Lot River (Cahors) : 80 euros
    • Bike hire,
    • Garage or car park,
    • Insurance (form on request) :
    FORMULA 1 (5% amount of the no discounted hiring price) = cancellation of your stay (Minimum 50 Euros per cruise)
    FORMULA 2 (5% amount of the no discounted hiring price) = interruption of your cruise; waiver 1/2 boat deposit; individual accidents (Minimum 50 Euros per a boat <10m, 70€ for a boat between 10m and 13m, 90€ >13 m for a stay from 1 to 7 days)
    • Fluvial guide: 30 euros
    • Deposit for final cleaning (150 euros for the boats -10m; 200€ euros for the boats from 10m to 13m and 250 euros for the boats +13m 300 euros for Fly range boats),
    • Security deposit for the boat (1000€ euros for the boats -10m, 1500€ euros for the boats from 10m to 13m, 2000 euros for the boats +13m and 3000 euros for Fly range boats),
    • Extra charge for pets: 50 euros/pet
    Paying locks and bridges in some countries (free in France)
    • 50€ instruction (1 hour) in the Netherlands, to be paid on site


    •Optionnal extras payable on the spot:
    Final cleaning:
    for boats under 10m: 150 euros
    for 10m-13m boats : 200 euros
    for 13m boats and more : 250 euros
    for Fly range boats : 300 euros
    Bike rental for adult: 40 Euros/week
    Bike rental for child: 35 euros/week.
    Maxi 4 bicycles on board
    Baby seat rental : 10 euros
    • Car park: 40 Euros/week (private but not supervised) ; not available in Port Lauragais (Canal du Midi)
    Garage: 50 Euros/week (in some ports)
    • Bath towels kit: 12 Euros (1 glove, 1 towel, 1 bath towel)
    • Kitchen towels kit: 5 Euros (1 hand towel, 2 dishcloth)
    • Innkeeper KIT includes the cleaning service + Kitchen towels kit + Bathroom towels kit (1 kit/person) ; price: between 190€ and 320€ according the boat
    • Converter rental: 12v/220V: 10 Euros
    • Pets : 50 Euros/pet
    • wifi 10 Go : 50 euros (Except Lübz in Germany)
    • Gas barbecue : 50€/week
    • Deck matress: 12 euros
    • One-way supplement : one week = 200 Euros (obligatory) This does not include car or crew transfers
    • Car transfer or crew transfer in case of one way : from 100 Euros to 350 Euros
    • Early check-in or late check-out : 80 euros (on request and according to availabilities)
    • Fluvial guide-map : 30 euros (to be booked early in order to receive it before departure). Available only for the France Waterways, in French-English and German.
    • Pool rental (available only in France on some bases): from 189 euros to 328 euros / week depending on the season and the region. Adpatable on all models except Octo Fly and Octo Fly C, Primo, N800 and Riviera. Attention: for the pool on boats of 13 meters and more: compulsory license.


    Cleaning deposit : 150 euros for the boats -10m, 200 euros for the boats between 10m and 13m and 250 euros for the boat more than 13m and 300e for the Fly range.
    Deposit for boats -10 m : 1000 euros
    Deposit for boats between 10m and 13m : 1500 euros
    Deposit for boats more 13m : 2000 euros and 2500€ for the Fly range.
    It covers the insurance franchise, loss of hire and boat cleaning if this has not been done. This sum will be repaid to you at the end of your cruise if the boat and its equipment are brought back clean, in good
    condition and undamaged, at the time and place agreed on.
    Insurance is described more fully in our general rental conditions. Please ask for the application form.
    All the consumable (oils, diesel oil, gas...) used during your stay are included in this forfeit. When you set off the tank will have been filled, giving you selfsufficiency for 10 to 14 days (depending on the type of boat). All our cruisers are fitted with a meter which is read on your departure and on your return. The number of hours of engine fuel use will be invoiced according to the rate displayed at the base (More or less 40 to 100 Euros per day).

    ONE WAY CRUISES with 200€ added:
    Two way cruises offer you the chance to enjoy and experience a wide variety of landscapes from very different angles. However, we can offer you one-way cruises in certain regions. One-ways may be subject to unforeseen circumstances which can impede their operation. Considered as an additional service, a one way cruise as well as its direction are only confirmed 48 Hours before departure.


2+ 2
Height Boat
7,95m x 3,40m
Height Min/Max
Height Cabine
Height Saloon
Engine Type
Moteur diesel
Upper deck
Bow thruster
Height Min/Max
land electricity supply
front Sundeck
Forward Sundeck
coating type
fixed double beds
single bed
double bed convertible into a single bed
sleeping child
couchette transformable
forward cabin
central cabin
aft cabin
lounge convertible
Cabin Air Cooling
Air freshener
Electrical Voltage
Radio/CD MP3
Micro Wave
Water Capacity
Fuel Capacity
Fridge Type
Various equipment available for this boat can vary base of departure.


Croisières d'été
Enjoy 25 % discount for booking your cruise departures are between 1/6 et le 31/8/2024

Offer valid for cruises confirmed before 30/06/2024.  Minimum duration 7nts unless. Are not retroactive. Offers are subject to availability and can be withdrawn at any time.cannot be combined with other offers
Croisières d'automne
Enjoy 15 % discount for booking your cruise departures are between 1/9 et le 31/10/2024

Offer valid for cruises confirmed before 30/06/2024.  Minimum duration 7nts unless. Are not retroactive. Offers are subject to availability and can be withdrawn at any time.cannot be combined with other offers

Offers up to 10% for the short breaks and up to 15% for the one week journey or more.

Special discount for groups : -5% off for 2 boats or -7% for 3 boats and -10% for 4 boats.
For all dates of departure

Special Price for a long journey : -10% on the second week and the following weeks.

Special discount for couple : -10% for boats N900DP, N1000 or N1010 for only 2 people on board

Children discount:
-5% for one child -16 years
-10% for two children or more -16 years

Senior discount:
-5% for one person or more over 65 years for all boats and all durations

Discounts are combinable up to 15%


Table for region : Franche-Comte vosges, Charente, Brittany, Burgundy-Nivernais, Aquitaine, Maine-Anjou, Alsace-Lorraine,
Periode 2024Price for Week
A from 19/10 to 4/11
998 Euros
B from 28/9 to 18/10
1,331 Euros
C from 7/9 to 27/9
1,414 Euros
D from 24/8 to 6/9
1,548 Euros
E from 6/7 to 23/8
1,664 Euros
Table for region : Canal du midi, Camargue,
Periode 2024Price for Week
A from 19/10 to 4/11
1,038 Euros
C from 7/9 to 27/9
1,471 Euros
D from 24/8 to 6/9
1,609 Euros
E from 6/7 to 23/8
1,730 Euros
Table for region : River lot,
Periode 2024Price for Week
A from 19/10 to 4/11
1,078 Euros
B from 28/9 to 18/10
1,411 Euros
C from 7/9 to 27/9
1,494 Euros
D from 24/8 to 6/9
1,628 Euros
E from 6/7 to 23/8
1,744 Euros
Prices 2024.
If the cruise is on two periods, the calculation will be pro rata of the day in each period.