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Registered office: 220 rue du Ponteil – 34190 LAROQUE – France
494134604 RCS Montpellier - APE 7729Z
VAT identification number: FR63494134604

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Robert TAQUANT - Manager
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Ophelie ARNAL – Commercial Director.
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Company: ARTOURISME multimédia
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Canal - The General conditions of sale ARTOURISME Ltd.

The Internet portals : Canal and are operated by the ARTOURISME S.A.R.L- French firm with a 10 000 Euros capital - RCS Montpellier 494 134 604 - APE 7729Z - Intra-community VAT : FR63494134604.
The head office is located at the following address: 220 rue du Ponteil - 34190 LAROQUE (France).
They provide a request for vacancies and booking service for boats defined under the "Booking Central". A cruise booking is effective when the renting form, filled and validated, has been received by Artourisme, the payment of 40% of the initial price of the boat joined + the possible supplements (in case there are more than 40 days before departure). The booking form online validation presumes the acceptation of its conditions and guarantees that the person who signs has the authority to act for the other members listed on the form. Only adults over 18 years old can book with a minimum of 2 adults on board.
The balance must reach Artourisme 40 days before departure. In case of lack of payment at the deadline, Artourisme has the right to cancel the reservation without reimbursing the deposit.
For the reservations made less than 40 days before departure, the tenant have to pay the total amount due when he/she books. Regarding the features of each rental companies (Rental partners) and in a concern to standardize the conditions related to the payment period, the deposit payment and to the booking fees in the frame of a cancellation (Articles 6 and 7 following), these general conditions of sale overrule the corresponding articles in the rental companies general conditions of renting.

DEFINITION: "Artourisme Ltd. is represented by the portals previously mentioned": Entité that comprises technical information and partners boats pricing, "Boats rental" that enables the users to refer to useful information and book boats via the "Booking central". "Users": User, person, previously mentioned portals, that don't act as professional, that refer to the available information and book online, calling by phone or by mail, one or more boats for an undetermined time via the Booking central. "Booking central": Service of consultation, booking, voucher and booking coupon shipping, made online by the portals previously mentioned by e-mail, by mail or by phone with the operators. "Rental partners": Boat rental companies, partners from the previously mentioned portals that make available a part or the whole boat fleet.

In order to secure our relationship at the legal level, we offer you to become acquainted with these conditions of sale. We invite you to read them carefully. These conditions of sale constitute the contract that binds you to us for using one of our websites and/or booking on the website, by phone, by mail or by email. Each client of Artourisme admits that they are able to contract following the described conditions in the conditions of sale presented hereafter, meaning that they are legally adult and they're not under guardianship or trusteeship. Each client of Artourisme admits that they became acquainted with these conditions of sale and with the rental general conditions corresponding to the boat rental companies (Rental partners), before booking. Since then, the order management drives to your entire joining to the conditions of sale and your unconditional acceptation. Same thing for the rental general conditions corresponding to the boat rental company (Rental partners).

The contract is administered by conditions of sale in force the day of the order.

Artourisme provides to the users, on the portals:,,,,, a boat consultation system in the regions covered by the rental partners. After consulting and choosing the boat(s), after asking for vacancies, the user can book and pay online or calling, by credit card, by bank check, by transfer or by holidays check, the desired boat. The booking will be effective when the payment will be received and validated, following the conditions under the article 5 and after the confirmation of the availability of the boat(s) chosen by the Artourisme service. The portals of,,, Waterweb-fluvial, that you can consult 24/7. Nevertheless, due to the Internet nature, Artourisme cannot guarantee a non-interrupted service. The Booking central is also accessible calling during the French working standard hours.

The user proceeds then to a secure online payment or by mail of his/her order, following the described conditions at the article 5. The online payment validation implies an unconditional acceptation of these General Conditions of Sale. It also implies an unconditional acceptation of the rental General conditions of the company corresponding to the boat booking (Rental partners). The user will make sure to provide reliable and authentic information at the different stages of the order. At the end of the order, the user will receive the order summary by e-mail in which will be communicated the order number. Regarding the order via the "Booking central", the user can benefit of the operator help with the exact same stages as the Internet procedure. The payment can be made online by credit card on our secured zone or by phone, by check to Artourisme, by transfer or by holiday check. The payment implies an unconditional acceptation of the General Conditions of Sale and of the Rental General Conditions of the corresponding company.

The prices mentioned on the portals,,,, are indicated in Euros including all taxes. Are indicated the rental and specific services (options not included) prices, proposed by the Rental Partner and corresponding to their fleet. The orders made online can be paid only by credit card via a secure payment system SSL. The credit card accepted are identified by a specific icon at the moment of payment. Artourisme has indeed adopted the SSL encryption process that ensures the reliability of the exchanges and transfers encrypting all the essential personal data at their entry for the orders management, such as addresses, e-mail, banking data. The orders made by phone or my mail are paid by credit card, by check to Artourisme, by transfer or by holiday check. Regardless of the payment mode, the user commits to fill and validate online, the filled booking coupon and to tick the acceptation of the general conditions of sale and the rental general conditions of the rental partner. The voucher that must be presented the day of the boarding at the departure base will be sent only after the total payment of the order price.

The booking will be effective after Artourisme confirmation, from the reception of the booking form with a deposit of 40% of the total sum of the rent joined, for all the departures more than 40 days after the booking and the total of the sum due for all the departures less than 40 days after the booking. THE BALANCE MUST BE PAID IMPEATIVELY 40 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE; In case of lack of payment, Artourisme can simply cancel the rental, without having to reimburse the deposit(s) already paid. The tenant won't be able to claim compensation whatever it is. From each banking payment from abroad, the incurred fees must be paid by the tenant.

Cancellation insurance and plan The user will benefit, as an option, the cancellation insurance and/or cancellation plan proposed directly by the Rental Partners following the conditions described on the Rental General Conditions corresponding to the Rental Company chosen. In case of a cancellation by the user We remind you that you have to mention your cancellation sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, from the moment an event occurs that hinders your departure. The letter must be sent directly to the booking central: in order to limit the amount to pay of the fees of the invoice. In any case, the file fees due are 60 euros + the amount of the cancellation fees applicable to Rental general conditions of the Rental partners. This amount will never be reimbursed. The firm will be the only one able to value the nature of the event described in the frame of the cancellation contract.

The present contract ends at the moment of the reception of the voucher sent by Artourisme.

Artourisme will be able to change unilaterally the terms of these Conditions. The new clauses will rule for the future all the relations between the parties, and only the new version will count between them. The present conditions phrase the total of the obligations between the parties. No other general or specific conditions will be able to integrate the present contract.

The present contract is under the French Law. Artourisme is a European firm under the French Law. The applicable law to this contract is the French law. In case of fail, the litigation will be brought before the Commercial Court of Montpellier, notwithstanding the plurality of defendants or guarantee appeal. In application of the article L 121-20-4 of the French Consumer Code, the tenant who booked by phone or by the Internet a rent to Artourisme Ltd., does not have the right of retraction planned at the article L 121-20 of the same Code.