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Departure from Beaucaire

Beaucaire , navigating Camargue region that exudes calm and tranquility. Mode and the pace of life has changed little over the years. Set sail towards the Canal du Midi, the oldest in Europe, and discover beautiful landscapes on a hillside and pretty riverside villages artificial waterway . You will be 20km away from the famous town of Arles, where Van Gogh painted many of his famous paintings , including the " Bedroom at Arles " , painted in 1888, and "The Starry Night " painted in 1889.

Beaucaire , Beu cairo Provencal ( " castles " in Occitan ) is also proud of its tradition of cosmopolitan origins , located between the famous Languedoc and Provence city departments . There is an excellent selection of shops in the city and nearby.

To offer beautiful images to your pupils, try the old square with facades covered with flowers, the Old Farmhouse ( as a farm in 1900 ) , as well as Mas Turrets . Or the Abbey of Saint Romain, the Collegiate Church of Our Lady of Apple, the Royal Castle , the Museum of Jacques Auguste ...

And for even more originality , attend a demonstration flight of eagles, smell the scents of olive mill , or enter one of the many wine cellars.

If your cruise takes you to Beaucaire in July or August , you can go to " Fine Quays " , a series of musical events that take place on the platform, or " Summertime " , bullfighting and cultural annual events
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