Canal boat rental River Lot, from Bouzies

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Departure Base Bouzies Cahors Douelle Luzech
  • bouzies
  • cahors
  • cahors
  • douelle
  • luzech
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Discover canal boat on River-Lot

  • Sail on the Lot, one of the most beautiful rivers of the south.
    Enjoy a boating holiday cruising through the dramatic scenery of the River Lot. Wide gorges and towering limestone cliffs frame your journey to famous spots such as the medieval town of Cahors and the fascinating Pech Merle caves. Jump off your hire boat and swim in the clear waters to cool off on a hot summer's day. A bird watcher's delight, the Lot valley is renowned for the wild birds that can be seen including colourful kingfishers, majestic eagles and graceful herons.
    The cruises on the Lot River are for people with experience in navigation.

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Canal and River Through RIVER-LOT
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  • Lot
    30m x 5m