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Departure from Agen

Discover the richness and exceptional diversity of Agen's cultural heritage. There are several remarkable structures to be
seen, including the great 549 metre long aqueduct at Agen with its 23 arches.

Along the Lot, Baise, Tarn or the Canal Lateral a la Garonne Agen initially you find cities rich in history such as Villeneuve-sur-Lot, Vianne, Buzet or Moissac.

Laughing Lot Valley offers a journey of 80 km of great wealth. The spectacular scenery combines with medieval villages like Clairac and Castelmoron. Casseneuil is a miniature Venice with timbered houses overlooking the river.

Discover Pujols, ranked among the "most beautiful villages in France", Penne d'Agen illustrate perfectly the tumultuous history of the country or mills and Lustrac Sauriac before discovering the castle Lapoujade.
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Departure from Le Mas d'Agenais

Le Mas d' Agenais is an ancient Roman town steeped in history. Stop on the way to St Jacques de
Santiago , who participated in all major historical upheavals in the region, Le Mas d' Agenais was in turn Cathar stronghold during the Albigensian Crusade , a British possession during the Hundred Years War and French and Catholic returned , she was taken and sacked by Admiral de Coligny .
Its walls rebuilt , the Army of the Princes at the Fronde, took it by storm.
It was taken over by the Royal troops and there were a few ups and downs during the Revolution.
Today life is calm and quiet.
Its ramparts, its Romanesque doorway , fountain Galaine , Romanesque church has a Rembrandt
known worldwide , attest to its historic past .

From the base boat rental Mas d' Agenais , discover the calm Canal Lateral a la Garonne , the quiet charm and the fortified villages of the River Baise and for experienced navigators, the Lot River and its landscapes.
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