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Departure from Carnon

Here the colours of nature mingle harmoniously, the pink of the flamingos, the black bulls and the white horses. This is Carnon, it is found in Camargue, the country of marshes, a vast natural park. Carnon is a city with a strong identity which it seeks to perserve along with its inheritance.
It has an interesting character as it is seperated into two entities: Maugio, with its perserved site of the 'Golden Pond', and Carnon, with its coastline, dunes and beaches, which add the attraction of the se to the traditions of Petite Camargue.
You can also visit the orchards, pasturelands and the herds who graze there. With its activity zones and seaside resorts it is the perfect place to either relax or enjoy a sporty or cultural holiday.
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