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Departure from Chenillé-Changé

Winner 2007 four floral stars of charming towns and villages.

In Haut-Anjou segréen, nestled at the bottom of a hillside along the river Mayenne, the small village of Chenillé-Changé has conserved its yesteryear atmosphere with its old houses with slated roofs, its XIIth century church, its water mill, its Rues chateau restored by Hodé. The old stones and the alleys of the village are adorned during the summer season of a multitude of coloured flowers, climbing plants, which add charm to this welcoming and neat village.
The presence of the river, the Mayenne, adds to the appeal of Chenillé-Changé, also an important river tourism station with Maine Anjou Rivières.

Cast off the moorings and sail on the navigable rivers of Anjou : the Mayenne, the Oudon, the Maine, the Sarthe... as many different banks and landscapes to discover calmly during a weekend, a short week, a week or more.

Everything is so simple, so peaceful. You are somewhere else. far from everything, so close to happiness. Leaving youself sliding with the current, to bask on the sunny terrace leaving the scenery pass by.

Discover at your rythm the prettiest rivers and give free rein to your whims. Berth whenether you like. Here, a church, a chateau, an abbey to visit. There, a secondhand market, a craftsman to meet and watch working. Further on, a village to feast, specialities to taste.

As soon as you arrive at the base, you will be welcomed by the team which, in a few minutes, will have initiated you to the baots functionoing. No need for a boat licence, everything is so simple !...

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