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Departure from Corbigny

Originally conceived by Henri IV, the Canal du Nivernais was finally built between 1783 and 1842, and boasts some of the most glorious scenery on the French waterways. Connecting the Seine to the Loire basins, the two sides of the summit are very different.

From Corbigny south to Decize, its old Misdhips still ringed with wallsn the descent to the Loire winds though rich meadows grazed by the famous white Nivernais cattle. A set of 16 locks leads to the three successive tunnels at La Colancelle in a rural setting. The Etang de Baye with its watersports Midships lies righ alongside the canal.

From Corbigny north to Auxerre and its churches dominating the waterfront, the descent towards the Seine follows the valley of the Yonne, and sometimes uses its bed, through woods and forest small and large. The prosperous little wine-producing village of Tannay boats panoramic views over the Morvan hills.
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