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Departure from Douelle

For experienced people. Manual locks.
Douelle , browse the lot at the foot of steep cliffs Bouziès or later see the sky arise St.Cirq Lapopie perched up there on a rocky escarpment views are unforgettable ... Beyond the gorges , valleys and the vineyards of the Quercy become an extraordinary patchwork plant , sometimes consisting of a range of intense green , sometimes while degraded clear ocher , reddish brown accented with studs so when it bastide ...

Stave was the greatest center of the skippers and the River Lot . In the village you can visit the remains of the castle of the thirteenth century , the church where gabarriers came to pray for their Marinet fortifications Cessac , or see the fresco of 14 meters " Chamizo " , painted by a lotois .

Other activities are possible : take to walk or cycle along the old railway track and passzr the Lot by the old railway bridge .

You can go to the market on Sunday morning and visit one of the many wine cellars.
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