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Departure from Fontenoy-le-Château

Fontenoy -le-Château is a charming little town , crossed by a small river : The Coney . Fontenoy was a bustling town but there is little evidence from this period if it is not the cobbled streets. Today we still find the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and the walks are very pleasant.

Fontenoy, " Fonteniacum Castellum " its name from medieval times which has " Fontana " ( source) and " castellum " (the castle) in Latin, is crossed by the Coney , a tributary of the Saône . Six streams also supply the village with water : The territory of Fontenoy is watered by six streams : David Brook Meadow , the Grurupt , the stream of Fresse , Squire Creek Carrot or the name of the plot where it takes its source, the stream of St. George, and Trémonzey stream. The town is also home to hot springs (24 ° C) that allow the existence of rare and protected plants, as well as several ponds , more than 20 on the left bank and 35 on the right bank .

Moreover, it is less than 20km from the Regional Natural Park of Ballons des Vosges. In the surroundings , charming villages appear as Ambiévillers , Montmotier and Trémonzey .

In Fontenoy , St. Mansuy fifteenth church , old fortifications of the same period , the chapel Notre Dame du Bois- Banny ( sixteenth century ) and St. George's Chapel is one end of the historical village .

In summer, the embroidery museum is open.
The first weekend in July, a mountain bike trail - "The Bold " - is organized. And the last Sunday of July , attend the festival Port (games and flea markets ) .
On 15 August, the night, the facades of the houses are ornate and lit candles, time for a procession and sounding of bells of the church of St. Mansuy .

If you want to get around the market, you should choose a Tuesday morning for your stopover during your cruise on a ship without a license.
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