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  • Friesland is a region of lakes, the largest of which, the Ijsselmeer, adjoins the North Sea. Criss-crossed by canals and rivers, it's a distinctively different part of the Low Countries, highly regarded for its wild and untouched scenery. Every town and village
    seems to have a waterfront, and you can visit them without stepping out of your boat. The lakeside town of Sneek wasn't there a thousand years ago. Built on land reclaimed from the sea, it remains a spot of great charm, where most deliveries are still
    made by water along its canals. On your cruise, you'll visit Stavoren, the oldest town in Friesland, built by the Hanseatic League. Little pastelcoloured houses are reflected in the water, there are rustic farmhouses and fishermens' cottages, and the atmosphere is truly relaxing, yet also exciting, since this region, highly prized by the Dutch, features a number of summer festivals and events. The best known happen at Giethoorn, a real museum town which inspired many artists in the 18th and 19th
    centuries. With bathing and every sort of water sport available, there's plenty to keep you occupied in this charming region.
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