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Departure from Jarnac

Enjoy the charm and tranquility of this green city nestled in the heart of the Charente vineyards . Fishing, swimming, sports , hiking will program this step.

The town of Jarnac is the capital of the canton. Not far from Cognac , the city water spirits of the same name , Jarnac also surrounds several small towns , including Gondeville and Mainxe and Chassors .

Living with your boat without license, you browsed the Charente , which give you the opportunity to indulge in various excursions : home of Nanclas ( sixteenth century ) Saint -Pierre (twelfth century) , the castle of Chabannes (end of church nineteenth century) , birthplace of François Mitterand ( house dating from the nineteenth century) , Protestant temple (eighteenth century) , convent of the fourteenth century city hall nineteenth century.

Jarnac is located in a natural environment and flowers . The city holds two flowers as " flowery city," and has a beautiful park located on the island of Charente , near which stood the old castle. Finally, 60% of its land is devoted to grain and wine business.
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