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Departure from Loosdrecht

One sees the true nature of the country on its countless waterways since everything which is built, wheteher towns, villages, mills or bridges, is also mirrored in the water at its feet. Here you will find the landscapes of its famous painters, from the emphatic tones of Vermeer to the gentler touch of other masters of the Golden Age. You'll see the warmth and joy of living of the Dutch in the Café's, on the welcoming terraces along the water's edge, and in the shops which nestle amongst the cellars of the old houses of Utrecht or Amsterdam.

After crossing the great "broad" of Loosdrecht, dotted with untouched islands, you will follow the course of the river Vecht and pass trough the two great art Midshipss of Amsterdam and Utrecht. Further north, near Edam, you cross the Zaan country, full of windmills and rich in wildlife. To the South your cruise unfolds trough the timeless Dutch countryside: lifting bridges, dykes, and that magic light of dawn which will surely tempt you into rising early.
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