Canal boat rental Franche-Comte Vosges, from Montreux Château

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Departure from Montreux Château

•The Peugeot Adventure Museum in Montbéliard
•The Fortress of Belfort and its Lion
•Fort of Mont Bart
•Blussangeaux gardens
•the cheese shops of Clerval
•Baume les Dames
•the mills of Vermoret and l’Isle sur le Doubs
•The tunnel beneath the fort at Besançon

Located at the edge of Alsace in the department of Territoire de Belfort in Bourgogne-Franche Comté, the many attractions of this region will satisfy even the most demanding tastes! Our German and Swiss friends can reach us quickly, as we are only 30 minutes from their borders.

You can travel by boat from the Rhône to the Rhine (more than 200 km), alternating between the Allan and Doubs rivers and the canal. If you prefer to walk or cycle, Eurovélo 6 (a cycling path starting on the Atlantic coast and crossing Europe to the Black Sea) will ensure that you won’t miss out on visiting the many cities and villages along the way, with their famous markets.

Your travels will offer many breathtaking views: the white chalk cliffs overlooking the Doubs, the bells and palaces of the Franche-Comte, mills, and fortresses, as well as diverse flora and fauna. You can enjoy a refreshing break in the Doubs, or treat yourself to a fishing excursion (trout, carp, pike, and more).

All of that will certainly sharpen your appetite! You can savour regional dishes in many local restaurants and shops. Franc-Comptois delicacies include fried carp and cheese platters from Franche-Comte or Jura…all accompanied by a glass of Jura wine! Time will fly, but in the evenings, if you still have energy to burn, you can enjoy one of the sound and light shows offered in the larger cities.
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