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If you like history , art, food, beer , diamonds and architecture, you will love Belgium.html" class="orange" >Belgium.html" class="orange" >Belgium !
All cities in this country about the size of a pocket handkerchief are only a few hours away
together by waterways , offering a great opportunity for urban cruising. Flemish-speaking
in virtually all of northern Belgium, but you will hear English, French and German. Belgium has seen many battles throughout the centuries and is steeped in history . Gent , whose buildings and monuments attract visitors from around the world, is the historical heart and
cultural Flanders . Navigable basin Belgium is largely on the West Front of the
World War I and there are many museums and memorials , especially in Leper as well as Dunkirk, on the French territory , instead of evacuation of Allied troops in 1940. the
carriage drawn by horses is a great way to explore the cobbled streets and central squares , although in most cities a channel through the city center , allowing you to not
're away from your boat.

Take the opportunity to sample the famous Belgian chocolates . Other memories are mostly lace. Whether visiting a brewery or just sitting on the terrace of a cafe, even non- beer lovers can not resist tasting of different varieties of Belgian beer ( there are over 300 !) for a change , so try a portion of the traditional dish ' mussels and fries ' accompanied by a fruit beer , or try a beer ' Kwak ' served in a particular glass if you can not ask ! Belgians are very proud of their cuisine, specializing in seafood
With, for a small country , more than 3-star restaurants in the whole of France , and a town
different to eat every night , you are sure to enjoy a cruise quite gourmet .

Nieuwpoort is a fishing port and marina. Enjoy the Sea market , with morning arrivals from the North Sea and restaurants with fish specialties and seafood Old Town offers a market every Thursday afternoon. You can also enjoy many tennis courts , a gymnasium , a swimming pool and mini golf.

Locks and bridges lockkeeper , some closed on Sundays.

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