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Departure from Pontailler sur Saône

In Pontailler sur Saône, in Franche Comté, sail without a license in the heart of these historic countries and highlights of French gastronomy. Discover another nature with waterways bordered by reeds, oaks, willows from which gray herons, kingfishers or ducks fly, but also taste local cuisine: “pôchouse” in Bresse (a kind of freshwater fish bouillabaisse) with Burgundian specialties washed down with famous local wines. Sail on the Saône or the Petite Saône, for free river navigation, with few locks, or prefer the Burgundy Canal, the canalized Doubs or the Marne to Saône Canal.

Pontailler is located at the confluences of the Saône, the Marne-Saône canal, the Albane, the Bèze, the Vingeanne and the Ognon, at the foot of Mont Ardoux, thus offering beautiful views and constituting a paradise for fishermen. Ognon is an ideal place for a short canoe trip. Tourists meet here, a stopover town between Burgundy and Franche Comté where you can still enjoy the joys of swimming in the river. The water is of good quality and the beach is supervised during the summer. A true delight for nature lovers, we appreciate the calm of the place while adopting the art of living of the Val de Saône.

Take a detour to the farm in the forest (tasting), the fishing house, the arts house, Mont Ardoux, the local markets with sales of local products, the fortified village of Pesmes, or the Châlonnais forest (second hunting place in France, Gallic remains, resurgences). The village and caves of Bèzes, with resurgences of the Bèze, as well as the artisan galleries are very beautiful excursions.

The region offers you its specialties: pôchouse (freshwater fish bouillabaisse), parsley ham, Dijon mustard...

Near Pontailler-sur-Saône, in Maxilly sur Saône, a professional fisherman gives lessons in fly fishing, catfish fishing, etc. He is one of the last professional fishermen to supply a restaurant with his catch.
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